Meeting Guys

Awkward Start

So last night was the event I mentioned in my last post. My fitness group was getting together to have dinner. There had been a class earlier in the afternoon, and I had attended. As I was walking out the door, my instructor (not the one I’m interested in) asked me if I was planning to go to the dinner. And I kind of got this “he might be interested” vibe from him. Turns out he was just being nice.

I was a few minutes late to dinner because I had only 1.5 hrs between class and dinner & I had to catch the bus, shower, get ready, catch the bus back. So when I arrived almost everybody was already there (the only other girl who went to the session that day wasn’t there yet). Only the instructor from the afternoon class came, not the one I was interested in. He’d brought along another guy who he shared a flat with.

And it turned out that we didn’t have a reservation. And we were in the theater district at 7:30 on a Saturday night. With a group of nine. Well done event organizer!

I may have been here before

So we wandered around a bit to try to find somewhere that might take a group of 9. I chatted with a few different people in the group and at one point started talking with another guy I was sort of interested in. He’s one of those guys who is just easy to talk to and super nice. I was kind of wondering if he might be interested in me, but when I tried to talk to him as we walked to another restaurant, he didn’t try to prolong the conversation and walked past me at the first chance. I wasn’t sure what the deal was until we got to dinner.

So finally we ended up on the next street over and happened upon this little restaurant that I happened to have been to before…and hadn’t been impressed. So of course, they had space for nine people. I didn’t want to be picky (especially since I was the only newbie who showed up and hadn’t figured out the group dynamic yet), so I kept my mouth shut, and we went in.

Highlights: who’s married, who’s gay, who thinks I’m into them

So we all sit down at the table and people start talking, and wine gets ordered, and people keep talking. The instructor turned to the event organizer and made a comment about how he’d led us to the gay district (“I don’t mind, obviously,” he said. At which point my brain went ????).

Super Nice Guy starts telling a story and gesticulating with his hands – he’s wearing a wedding ring (another “ah-ha” moment in my brain).

Event Organizer, who’s sitting across from me, is slightly cross-eyed, and I don’t realize he’s talking to me until he finishes his story and expects a response.

The guy next to me looks super young (I estimated 18-21), didn’t order booze, ordered two appetizers and mac and cheese as his main course. Later somebody commented on how he’s the youngest one there, and then The Instructor says, “Well, maybe not, how old is Sadie?” I almost choked. “Excuse me?” I said. I looked at The Kid, “How old are you?” I asked. “19” he said. Without meaning to, my mouth formed an “awe”, and I patted him on the shoulder (though I’d intended it to be a reassuring pat, not a condescending one. Not sure I pulled that off). Just so you guys know, I’m more than halfway through my 20s. So it’s a little annoying when people think I’m younger than a 19 year old.

The Kid mishears a comment The Instructor makes about beating wives (I think he actually said “eating wives”) and says “Does R (the guy T.I. brought with him) need to tell us something?” (my brain went “le sigh”).

Towards the end of dinner, The German shows up with a big beautiful white fluffy dog. He sits down in the only empty chair, which is next to me. Oh, I should mention, besides the two ladies who come to class frequently, The German is the only other one I’ve added on Facebook, and here’s why: he invited me to a party and said he’d inbox me the deets. So I added him and he never sent the info. Also he seemed somewhat flustered and possibly blushed (more probably was just still red from working out) when I asked him about the party after class. He’d invited everyone in class (it wasn’t a me-specific invite), but I’d wanted to branch out and meet some more locals, so I asked him about it. Anyway, I think he thought I was into him (I’ll be honest, he does make me slightly uncomfortable, and the thought had crossed my mind), so pretty much the first thing he says in conversation at dinner is “My girlfriend” yada yada yada. Right-O.

Move to the pub

After dinner we head to the pub. As you do. A couple people peel off, including Super Nice Guy (who, by the way, looks a lot like one of my exes).

Event Organizer and The Kid both try to buy me a drink. I order a whiskey ginger and pay for it myself. The Kid tries to tell me what whiskey is. He’s pointing at my drink thinking it’s his. He’s ordered straight whiskey, and it comes with a little pitcher of water.

We all sit down at our table; I’m next to E.O. His teeth are stained from the red wine earlier. Now he’s drinking strawberry cider. He makes a comment about having a girly drink, but The Instructor says, “No, what makes it girly is the fact that there’s a girl sitting next to you drinking whiskey.” True story.

Somebody starts a conversation about how creepy Mr. Tumnus is in “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”. We determine that if his name had been “Jeff” he wouldn’t have been so creepy. I feel like I’m sitting in a Monty Python skit and can’t stop laughing. In my head I’m making all the Holy Grail references.

The Instructor and R leave around midnight, claiming “for every year you go past 30, you must leave one minute before midnight” like some reverse Cinderella or something. Then he clarifies, “R is tired.”

I’m getting another drink, do you want another drink?

Event Organizer tells a really awkward story about another guy – who we’ll call Jeff – not taking “the hottest girl at the party” home one night, then he yells somewhat belligerently, “I’m getting another drink!” and makes a motion as if to stand. I say I’m tired and ready to go home, and the one other lady who’s stuck around says she’s peacing as well. Event Organizer suddenly has a change of heart presumably since The Ladies aren’t staying, and starts putting his coat on.

We all head outside and congregate on the sidewalk as if we’re about to have a team huddle and chant before a match. Then we all head our separate ways. Jeff, Event Organizer, and The Lady are heading my way, so we walk off together. Jeff makes a comment about The Instructor “and his boyfriend” (relationship confirmed. Boys with accents confuse my gaydar). Then Jeff (who, besides The Kid and Event Organizer seems to be the only available male in the club) mentions that he was supposed to baby-sit his 8 year old niece but instead popped in a DVD and said “see ya later!” I asked him if he just left her at home by herself!? Then it came out that he lives with his parents. (brain does a sigh). He peaces to go find his car.

I watch my bus pass us on the opposite side of the road. 35-minute walk, yay. E.O. and The Lady go a little out of their way to accompany me to a main road, then I walk back listening to “North American Scum” by LCD Soundsystem.

When I get home, The Kid has added me on Facebook.


Lordy, where do I start.

Have been feeling a little down in the dumps today for some reason. Maybe it’s the lack of wine. Or pre-PMS. Or maybe it’s because the weather here is so damned dreary.

Awkward Positions

There’s also this little situation of unrequited love. Ok, I’m being a bit melodramatic, but yeah there’s this guy that I’ve been crushing on since I got here (he’s actually my fitness instructor…), and there’s a whole saga that I’m not going to go into (let’s just say that it was pretty, um, clear when he was helping me with my form that he’s also, um, shall we say “interested” in me…ok that sounds like he groped me. He didn’t grope me, but he definitely…reacted to me). The only issue is that the man has got to be in his forties (and I’m in my mid-twenties) so I imagine that he’s trying to avoid a sexual harassment suit. Which is the reason I’m giving for his not having asked me out (also the possibility that he is married). But it could also be these damned Scotsmen and their damned humility. People don’t have confidence here like we Americans do. In some ways it’s refreshing, but in others it’s just damned frustrating.

In any case, I’d do the deed myself but whenever I develop a crush on somebody I can’t manage to string two words together to form any kind of coherent sentence around them. It’s a curse, I know (and is more or less the true root of all my love problems). So yes, silent suffering. There is a gathering this weekend for our fitness group at a restaurant where we shall likely all converse and be normal people, so maybe that will be good, but maybe he won’t be there, I don’t know. In any case, I’ve done the other thing I often do in these drawn out situations: I’ve kind of gotten over it. That’s the worst. A situation arises that I might actually be able to take advantage of, but I’ve already given up hope on the man, and my attraction to him has started to wane. Oh well.

Art Projected

Then there’s this art thing that I participated in way back a few months ago and sort of did a half-assed job on. And it was for this really awesome dude that I totally respect and admire and if he were even slightly interested in me I’d totally have his babies, but he’s not, boo hoo. Anyway, he finished the art thing and sent out emails today to everyone involved in it, and of course it made my heart leap and I’m all missing home now. Goddammit.

My first date with Readsalot, we went to a coffee shop

I know, super original. It’s like I’ve run out of ideas or something. Mostly it was just because I was caught up with whatever was going on with Belgium that I wasn’t particularly concerned with this guy. Either way, neither of us could come up with something cool to do. So we went to a coffee shop. R said we’d just figure it out from there.

Sorry I’m late

I was running a few minutes behind (I don’t like showing up to first dates right on time…it makes me feel like I’m desperate), and I texted him to let him know. I got this response: “Punctuality is a western idea I don’t agree with.” That made me smile. I’m not sure if it was in a good way or a funny way, though.

When I walked up to the coffee shop, he was seated at a table right outside. The first meeting is always a little awkward, and I try my hardest not to make it super obvious it’s our first time meeting. R, though, seemed caught unawares when I walked up. He stood up abruptly and looked at me awkwardly. When the awkwardness didn’t dissipate, he offered his hand. *Note* Unless you are simultaneously interviewing for a job, I consider it bad conduct to shake your date’s hand. But I shook his anyway, just to make it less awkward. That seems to be the go-to for guys in awkward one-on-one situations anyway, so I didn’t hold it against him.

I don’t like sitting

I didn’t really want to sit there, waiting for my tea to cool enough to sipping temperature, and stare at each other across the table. So I suggested we take a walk. We were already in the downtown area, so there was plenty to see.

We walked along the boardwalk, and hit it off pretty quickly. It turns out we had a lot to talk about, and a lot of similar life philosophies. As a matter of fact, he reminds me a lot of one of my best friends from college. They even look alike!

So I left Match…

As we were walking back, R broached the subject of the online dating world, as every guy from Match eventually does. “So, I left that…uh, site,” he started, clearing his throat.

“Yeah, I noticed,” I said. I’d tried to pull up his profile a few days earlier to show one of my girlfriends, but it hadn’t come up.

“Yeah, I just don’t know how I feel about the whole thing, ya know?” he continued, “I still think I’d rather meet people,” he gestured vaguely, “organically.”

“Yeah, I gotcha,” I said, kicking a stick from the sidewalk.

“Anyway, I like being friends with girls before dating them,” he said, looking away.

“Right, I know what you mean.”

How many Match dates have you been on?

Then he asked me how many Match dates I’d been on, and I grossly underestimated. He told me he’d only been on one other date. Way to give it a chance before jumping ship, dude.

As we got back to the coffee shop, I headed inside to use the restroom, and gave him a hug as he left. “That was fun, we should do it again sometime,” I said. He said, “Yeah, me and my buddies go kayaking sometimes and dig up oysters. You should come along one of these days.” “For sure,” I waved as I walked back in the coffee place, and he ambled away, hands stuffed deep into his pockets.

Next up: date with newcomer Ken Doll

As a side note, I got hit on at the Post Office today.

I was standing in line behind this guy who had a lot of piercings and tattoos and a haircut that was somewhere between a limp mohawk and an ironic mullet when I noticed that he had this tattoo on the back of his neck: cloudFor those of you who are not huge nerds, this cloud character is from a video called “Rejected Cartoons.” This cloud is jumping around gleefully with his little cloud friends when suddenly one of them starts gushing blood and saying “MY ANUS IS BLEEDING” meanwhile the other clouds keep jumping around gleefully. Yeah.

My Crazy Australian Host Brother

I first saw this cartoon when I was in Australia, staying with a host family, and my 17 year-old host brother (I was 14 at the time) decided it would be a good idea to show me this video as a first activity in a new country after spending 14 hours on a plane. And right before taking me out back to show me his home made potato launcher and read me passages from Marx’s Communist Manifesto. I kid you not. BUT that is a story for another day.

Unwarranted (but not unwelcome) Advice

So I was smiling to myself about this little cloud person and my ridiculous related experiences, when the man with the cloud tattoo turned and glanced back at me. Busted. But he turned away again, and I headed over to the next window.

As I was leaving, though, the man called to me, “Hey!” he said, and then seemed to shrink back as if aware he’d been unnecessarily loud, “Umm, you know if you want to get rid of the little bumps on the back of your cartilage piercings, you should just put peroxide on them with a q-tip until they’re gone. I’m a piercer, so that’s how I know.” Awkward pause. “Are you looking to get more piercings? You should come see me at my studio x. It’s just down the street.”

“Oh, hey, thanks,”I said, trying not to be weird (or tell him how awesome his cloud tattoo was), “I was actually thinking of getting a third cartilage piercing, now that you mention it. Maybe I’ll stop by,” I waved awkwardly as I headed to the exit, “See ya later.”


In the meantime, the postman, who was an older black man with very crooked teeth and a name tag that read “David”, was literally awww-ing us. Way to make an awkward sitch even more awkward, Dave.

Round 2: Sushi and Blues with Belgium

For Round 1

He picked me up from my apartment a few minutes past 6:30. As soon as he knocked on the door, my roommate’s dog started barking its head off. I know he is not fond of dogs, and I didn’t feel like dealing with the dog jumping on him, so I peeked my head out the door and said “Just a sec!” Then closed the door in his face. Whoops.

I grabbed my purse and sweater. I was wearing this clingy sweater-dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a nice scarf and knee-length Anthro knit sweater. I’d debated wearing heels, but decided against it as I didn’t want to look too dressed up for the dive-y blues bar we were going to later.

I opened the door. He was standing there patiently. I was very nervous; tried not to let my hand shake as I locked the door. He looked good. Wearing a black jacket and collared shirt with jeans. Pretty much what I’d imagined he’d wear. Except a dark pair of jeans would have looked nicer, but I’d gathered from the sweatshirt he’d worn to our first date that he wasn’t huge into fashion. But it’s not like I want to date a dandy, so I’m not concerned.

The Drive

He drives some sort of sedan (I’m not huge into cars, so I don’t remember the make, although he did mention something about “buying American” so I assume it was a Dodge or something). Regardless, it was a manual. I find it so attractive when a man drives a stick shift. Just saying.

At one point, we got stuck behind a turning van, and he zipped around it on the right. “Geez, you couldn’t wait?” I said, before I could stop myself. He chuckled, “That’s how we drive up north.”

The rest of the drive passed in relative discomfort until we got to the restaurant.

The Date: Part I

I don’t really remember what all we talked about at the beginning of our meal. But I do recall thinking maybe this guy isn’t as interesting as I first thought… I felt like he was beginning to feel the same thing about me. Then he asked me about my faith.

I put this bit in my Match profile about not needing to be “saved”. Mostly because I’m tired of people infringing on my beliefs by trying to convince me that I should believe whatever it is that they believe. So he asked me about that, and that got me started.

Turns out we have similar backgrounds. We’re both the “black sheep” of our conservative, relatively religious families, we both had bad experiences at youth group, and we’re both doing our best to avoid church altogether.

Maybe it was the sake, but after that we seemed to get along a lot better than before. As we left the restaurant, he asked if I wanted to take a walk. “Sure,” I said. Obviously guy code for “let’s go find a quiet spot to make out.”

We headed down to the waterfront, holding hands, but halfway there, he seemed to have a sudden change of mind and took us back to the car to head over to the blues bar. Probably because there was a show being filmed down there, and I kind of wanted to check out the costume truck. Also, he’d told me on our first date that he’d kind of been talking to this other girl a while ago who was also a costumer. Perhaps he was afraid he’d run into her. Either way, we headed back to the car sans a make-out sesh.

The Date: Part II

We got to the blues place and headed over to the bar to grab a drink. He got Gin & Water (“a weird drink, I know,” he said), and I got a G&T. Even though I hadn’t worn heels, I still felt a little overdressed. No matter, though, I’d already accepted that we’d be the attractive young couple at the place filled with middle aged and older casually dressed patrons. There was a lot of jean going on. And not just pants, either.

We sat down at a table and sipped our gin, trying to hear each other talk. We were facing each other, and I had my legs crossed, so he’d occasionally rest a hand on my calf. At one point he leaned in closely and said, “Your legs are so soft.” If I hadn’t been into him, it would have been creepy. But I was totally into him. So yeah.

I also found out that he’d put a lot of thought into his outfit for that evening. He said that since he knew I work in costuming and have a pretty good sense of style, he was nervous about picking out something to wear. “So I settled on my tried-and-true blue collared shirt. I figured, old blue can’t fail me.” It was genuinely adorable. You know, that he’d really thought about what to wear.

As we left, I thought that maybe he’d kiss me in the parking lot before we got back into the car, but there was a group of people milling around out there, so he just opened my door and then headed over to his side.

So then we went back to my apartment…

“Do you want to come in?” I asked him. “Yes, absolutely,” he responded. As soon as we had the door shut behind us, I was kissing him, and not soon after, he slammed me up against said door. I think he said something about kissing his neck not being a good idea, but that was also right before he asked if he could “de-scarf me” (I was still wearing a scarf at this point).

As he tossed the scarf onto a chair in the living room, my OCD kicked in, and I grabbed it to take back to my room, dragging him along behind me, not really considering the implications of taking him to my bedroom.

But I’d hardly laid my scarf down before we were on the bed, and he was pulling my dress over my head. Course, I’d worn these tummy-tucking pantyhose that went to just above my knees, so that was a little embarrassing to have him see. “This is the secret to being a woman,” I said, gesturing to the pantyhose. He just chuckled and asked if he could take them off since he “wanted to see my panties”.

In any case, I just so happened to be on my period, which I made perfectly clear to him from the moment we landed on my bed…ie, you’re not gettin any tonight, buddy. I didn’t really want to get naked, and I told him to leave his pants on, but he was being very sweet and gentle, asking me where I liked to be touched, etc. Somehow we ended up in our underwear, him spooning me. “Where did you come from?” I asked him, incredulously. “Belgium,” he said.

Next up: Date 3 with Belgium

…this is happening tomorrow.

Round 1: Elimination

Ok, first of all, sorry for not writing yesterday, I was in the process of moving to a new place, and I haven’t set up internet yet :/. Second, sorry again that this post is not going to be about my second date with Belgium. (Yes, I went on a date with a country. Two, in fact…dates, not countries). I will write about it this weekend, I promise! Here’s a super exciting teaser, we are actually going on date #3 on Sunday (!!). Suffice it to say, I like him. A lot. And that makes me a tad uncomfortable. (Also, we may or may not have rounded 2nd base on our 2nd date).

In the meantime

I have some eliminations to do. When I signed up for, I got a little too excited. I made the mistake of responding to almost every email I received. Which is a bad way to show that you’re not interested. Because it would take way, way, too long to go on 14 dates only to realize as I said hello that I wasn’t interested, I decided to cut some from the roster. And by some, I mean all of them except two.

I’ve learned a few things

As a now veteran user of Match, I feel like I know a lot more now than when I started (even though it’s just been about 3 weeks it’s been a battle…with many fatalities). If I were to impart some tidbits of wisdom to a new Match user, I would have to say:

  1. Don’t be afraid to go on a date with someone you wouldn’t normally fall for. Keep an open mind.
  2. That having been said, make standards and stick by them, but keep them reasonable. If you only want to date guys who are a 10 in the looks dept, chances are you won’t go on any dates.
  3. ONLY respond to emails of guys you’re actually interested in.
  4. Exchange a couple emails or IMs with the guy you’re interested in, maybe ONE phone call. But don’t get invested in someone before you meet them in person.
  5. If you decide you’re not interested in someone, DON’T WAIT TO TELL THEM. If you can’t tell them in person (I never do), send them an email as soon as you get home or early the next day. Make sure it’s clear.
  6. Keep in mind that this is a dating site. It is totally cool and expected that you are going on several dates with several different people. Don’t get stuck on one guy until you’re absolutely sure you want to pursue a relationship. (And sure that he’s absolutely sure).

So who’s left?

I eliminated through dates the following four:

  • Gryffindor
  • Jimmm
  • Milwaukee
  • PunkRock

After 5 dates and only one that sparked my interest, I decided to go back through the list and eliminate some others. Part of this is due to the fact that I feel something budding between me and Mr. Belgium, otherwise I would probably continue the dating elimination process.

I eliminated the following without really thinking about it (pardon the superficiality):

  • Mr. Ordinary (a little too ordinary)
  • Hapkido (a little too balding)
  • Canada (a little too formal)
  • Sailboat (a little too beachy)

After that, I eliminated a couple because they aren’t in my immediate vicinity (ie 1-2+ hours away).

  • Mr. Fun & Caring
  • Cars, Guns and Horses

Then, I cut out JonnyBoy because he’s only 23 and he keeps calling me and texting me. He seems a little bit desperate. As a matter of fact, he just called me 5 minutes ago. I finally sent him a Match email to let him know I wasn’t interested. (I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, ok?). Last week, he called me to tell me he went to California for a week to go skydiving. Ok. Who travels across the country just to go sky diving?

Brown Trout turned out to be a whiny douche bag (surprise surprise). I don’t think I mentioned this before, but he and I were exchanging some pretty snarky match emails, then he sent me this:

…having already used the site before I kind of knew what to expect. There really isn’t much to choose from. Then again, I could see why most attractive women would have no reason to be on here. The ones that are confuse me??? I assume its because they are looking for something they haven’t found. As in maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find the only pretty,single, non-crazy girl left in the world but more than likely…… I doubt it.

Also, I found out from my friend who is also on match that he was trying to get together with her late at night presumably to hook up. So I didn’t feel bad about not responding. Plus he kinda looks like Charlie Sheen. Yep.

So we’re down to two:

  • Brusselsprouts/Belgium
  • Readsalot

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday. B and I have been chatting on the phone a good bit as well, so I keep putting off going on a date with Readsalot. Either way, he does seem like a pretty cool dude, so I’m not ready to jettison him yet. Man, I am such a terrible person. Oh well.

Round 1: PunkRock at a Fro-Yo Bar

PR and I had been exchanging texts and emails for a week or so by now, and at one point he said something about cherry ice cream. I figured it was about time we met in person, so that prompted me to suggest the fro-yo bar.

Via text, PR seemed a little scattered. He’d send me funny pictures or random thoughts every day or so, and we’d talk about music. He seemed like a cool dude, but he did mention that he had ADHD. And it definitely showed.

Where are you?

He texted me around ten till 8 to say he was a little early. I was running about 5 minutes behind (my thought is that arriving early as a girl seems a little desperate). When I showed up, I texted to let him know I was there, then walked into the Fro-Yo place. He wasn’t there. Then I receive a text saying “Meet out front?” Ok…I thought he’d been there for 15 minutes already…

I stood around for another five minutes or so, and he still hadn’t appeared. So I texted to make sure we were at the same place. As soon as I looked up from my phone, he was there in front of me.

“I accidentally went to that smoothie place on the other side of the shopping center,” he told me, holding out his arms for a hug. I smiled warmly and gave him a brief hug, then we headed inside.

How’s it work?

He’d never been to a Fro-yo bar before, so I had to explain how everything “worked”. He ended up filling his entire cup with yogurt (that’s A LOT of yogurt) and then put a bunch of Captain Crunch on top. When we sat down, he placed his cup on the table and sat back on the seat, considering. “I didn’t really think this through,” he said, “that’s a lot of ice cream.” “Yup,” I said. He continued, “Plus this Captain Crunch is just going to cut the roof of my mouth.” He was silent for a second, then shrugged, “Oh well!” and dove into the mountain of yogurt and Captain Crunch.

Connect Four

Some of these yogurt places are really pretty hokey, and we ended up at one with a bunch of Connect Four games on the tables. So of course we played it. For like an hour. In the meantime, PR jumped from one subject to the next, frequently interrupting himself to go off on tangents and then completely forgetting about the original story.

“So all my work friends think I’m crazy for this,” he started off, “but I really want a pet skunk.” That was his ice breaker. And the rest of the conversation throughout the date was similarly introduced. In any case, it turns out skunks are kind of adorable (when their scent glands are removed).

Have you considered stand-up comedy?

PR is back in undergrad studying for a degree in Accounting, but he is currently taking a bunch of gen-eds and pre-recs. For his gym class, he signed up for Fencing.

“Fencing!?” I said, “That sounds pretty baller.”

“Yeah, I thought so, too until I realized something,” he put his hands out and raised his eyebrows, “I don’t like getting stabbed!” This made me laugh, “Hey, have you ever considered doing one of those Open Mic Comedy NIghts?” I asked him. “Nope,” he said right away. He cocked his head to one side, “Not sure why, though.”

Suddenly, something occurred to him. He leaped up and asked, “Hey! Have you ever considered wearing aluminum cans!?” “What?” I asked, but he was out the door before I had time to inquire further.

Five minutes later he’d returned with a pair of earrings. Made from Monster cans. They actually looked super cool.

“I drink a lot of energy drinks”

I told him that I liked how you couldn’t tell what soda can the earrings came from. “Really?” he said, incredulous, “I could spot sugar-free Monster from a mile away…but then, I drink a lot of energy drinks. Usually I get two energy drinks and a large coffee when I have a lot of studying to do.” He shrugged.

Wow, this explains a lot. Also, talking to him made me realize I don’t have ADHD. (Not that I’ve ever been diagnosed with it, I just had my suspicions).

Time to go

We played one more Connect Four game, then headed out the door. He gave me a hug and went to kiss me, but I turned my head so he got my cheek. As we headed to our separate vehicles, he yelled something funny about being the Connect Four champion. I was genuinely amused.

The Verdict

I liked hanging out with this guy a lot, but his ADHD and immense amount of energy was a little too much for me. I could totally see myself being friends with him, though, so I sent him an email and suggested we just be friends. He said he was down and said he might like to go to a karaoke night together sometime. Sounds like a plan.

On a Scale of 1-10

Common Values: 7

Common Interests: 6

Sense of Humor: 8

Attraction: 5

Total: 26/40

Remaining Players

  • Gryffindor
  • Jimmm
  • Milwaukee
  • Brown Trout
  • Sailboat
  • Mr. Ordinary
  • JonnyBoy
  • Cars, Guns, and Horses
  • Brusselsprouts
  • Hapkido
  • PunkRock
  • Canada
  • Mr. Fun & Caring
  • Readsalot

Next up: Round 2 with Brusselsprouts – Sushi & Blues

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Learning to Swim in The Alphabet Soup of the DSM

Hi, My Name is Dax... and I'm a Dateoholic

Confessions & Reflections of a Regular Guy trying to Break the Cycle


Just another site

Without wax /

Andy Ritchie blog

My Menstake

Sh*t, my menstake. Mistakes we've made with men.

Can I Get Ur Number?

Answering the question "Why Am I Single?" one post at a time...

It's Not a

Sometimes people you meet on the Internet are fucking crazy


Life is a encouraged

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