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Just checked my email after spending a whole day without service to find this gem from Belgium:

Hey S. I thought for sure I had transferred over your number when I got my new phone, but it appears I didn’t. Shoot me a text when you get a chance, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Hope your weekend away went well.


Your new phone? Right. I’ve heard that one before. Chances are you either deleted my number in a fit of rage after our last text exchange, or you deleted it because you felt too tempted to contact me. Neither of these options makes you look good. Glad to know I have more self-control. Then again, the only reason I’d have to contact a guy who rejected me and then asked for nude pictures would be to get back the book I leant him. So yeah, let’s get this exchange over with so we can both move on.


I am back. For a minute. Because I cannot get over this ridiculous coincidence that just happened. Today I ran into Belgium at the Yoga Studio I go to. Now you may be thinking, “that’s not all that unusual. People do yoga. So what?” Except that this was the first yoga class Belgium had ever been to. I mean, he was wearing cargo shorts and tennis shoes for chrissake. It’s not like he was a regular. Also, there are over 100 classes offered per week at the studio I go to. There are three classrooms and several classes running simultaneously. And thirdly, I haven’t been going more than once or twice a week, and rarely to the same classes. Actually, I usually do the hot classes, but today I just randomly decided to do a basic class because my legs are sore from running on the treadmill the last two days.

So yeah. Huge fucking coincidence.

Luckily, I didn’t really catch a good glimpse of him at the start of class since he came in late and set up in the back, but for a fleeting second I thought, “Is that B?” But considering I often think I see old love interests in places that they would never frequent and am 99% of the time wrong, I just assumed this was another one of those times. Which was a good thing, because it didn’t end up disrupting my practice at all, so there’s that.

At the end of class, he came up to me, and I had no idea what to say to him, so I just came out with, “Fancy seeing you here.” Ugh, lame, I know. Talk about awkward. Then there was nothing else to say, so I bust out with, “I read your book.” I told him I thought it was depressing, and he agreed with that analysis. Then he sort of mumbled that he “hadn’t had time to read the book I leant him,” then said louder, “I’d been meaning to text you, actually, to get my books back.”

“Yeah, me too.” I said. Then I just kind of looked at him, at a loss for words.

“Well, should we get together and catch up soon?” he asked.

“Yeah, alright,” I said, “But I’m out of town this weekend.” He sort of nodded at that, then we made our awkward goodbyes and parted ways. Oh, my awkward life.

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