Another one bites the dust…

Round 1: Elimination

Ok, first of all, sorry for not writing yesterday, I was in the process of moving to a new place, and I haven’t set up internet yet :/. Second, sorry again that this post is not going to be about my second date with Belgium. (Yes, I went on a date with a country. Two, in fact…dates, not countries). I will write about it this weekend, I promise! Here’s a super exciting teaser, we are actually going on date #3 on Sunday (!!). Suffice it to say, I like him. A lot. And that makes me a tad uncomfortable. (Also, we may or may not have rounded 2nd base on our 2nd date).

In the meantime

I have some eliminations to do. When I signed up for, I got a little too excited. I made the mistake of responding to almost every email I received. Which is a bad way to show that you’re not interested. Because it would take way, way, too long to go on 14 dates only to realize as I said hello that I wasn’t interested, I decided to cut some from the roster. And by some, I mean all of them except two.

I’ve learned a few things

As a now veteran user of Match, I feel like I know a lot more now than when I started (even though it’s just been about 3 weeks it’s been a battle…with many fatalities). If I were to impart some tidbits of wisdom to a new Match user, I would have to say:

  1. Don’t be afraid to go on a date with someone you wouldn’t normally fall for. Keep an open mind.
  2. That having been said, make standards and stick by them, but keep them reasonable. If you only want to date guys who are a 10 in the looks dept, chances are you won’t go on any dates.
  3. ONLY respond to emails of guys you’re actually interested in.
  4. Exchange a couple emails or IMs with the guy you’re interested in, maybe ONE phone call. But don’t get invested in someone before you meet them in person.
  5. If you decide you’re not interested in someone, DON’T WAIT TO TELL THEM. If you can’t tell them in person (I never do), send them an email as soon as you get home or early the next day. Make sure it’s clear.
  6. Keep in mind that this is a dating site. It is totally cool and expected that you are going on several dates with several different people. Don’t get stuck on one guy until you’re absolutely sure you want to pursue a relationship. (And sure that he’s absolutely sure).

So who’s left?

I eliminated through dates the following four:

  • Gryffindor
  • Jimmm
  • Milwaukee
  • PunkRock

After 5 dates and only one that sparked my interest, I decided to go back through the list and eliminate some others. Part of this is due to the fact that I feel something budding between me and Mr. Belgium, otherwise I would probably continue the dating elimination process.

I eliminated the following without really thinking about it (pardon the superficiality):

  • Mr. Ordinary (a little too ordinary)
  • Hapkido (a little too balding)
  • Canada (a little too formal)
  • Sailboat (a little too beachy)

After that, I eliminated a couple because they aren’t in my immediate vicinity (ie 1-2+ hours away).

  • Mr. Fun & Caring
  • Cars, Guns and Horses

Then, I cut out JonnyBoy because he’s only 23 and he keeps calling me and texting me. He seems a little bit desperate. As a matter of fact, he just called me 5 minutes ago. I finally sent him a Match email to let him know I wasn’t interested. (I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, ok?). Last week, he called me to tell me he went to California for a week to go skydiving. Ok. Who travels across the country just to go sky diving?

Brown Trout turned out to be a whiny douche bag (surprise surprise). I don’t think I mentioned this before, but he and I were exchanging some pretty snarky match emails, then he sent me this:

…having already used the site before I kind of knew what to expect. There really isn’t much to choose from. Then again, I could see why most attractive women would have no reason to be on here. The ones that are confuse me??? I assume its because they are looking for something they haven’t found. As in maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find the only pretty,single, non-crazy girl left in the world but more than likely…… I doubt it.

Also, I found out from my friend who is also on match that he was trying to get together with her late at night presumably to hook up. So I didn’t feel bad about not responding. Plus he kinda looks like Charlie Sheen. Yep.

So we’re down to two:

  • Brusselsprouts/Belgium
  • Readsalot

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday. B and I have been chatting on the phone a good bit as well, so I keep putting off going on a date with Readsalot. Either way, he does seem like a pretty cool dude, so I’m not ready to jettison him yet. Man, I am such a terrible person. Oh well.


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