Brusselsprouts: tastier than anticipated

Round 1: Brusselsprouts (Lord save me from terrible puns)

So, my date with Brusselsprouts from Belgium went very well (!). We went to a maritime museum (my suggestion) at 10 am on Friday (his suggestion). The museum is a big part of our city’s tourist economy, and I hadn’t been there yet. I figured even if the date was bad, at least I could check the museum off my list.

Slightly Awkward Start

I guess it’s pretty standard for a date with someone you’ve never met before to at least start off awkward. This one was no exception. He bought my ticket, and we walked into an auditorium to watch an introductory video about the history of the museum and our city during WWII. It was a little uncomfortable to have to sit quietly next to someone I barely know, who I was supposed to be getting to know, and watch a movie. I guess I shifted around in my seat enough to prompt him suggesting we check out the rest of the museum before the film ended.

Conversation brought up a couple red flags

The first was when he asked me if I go to church. Granted, it was relevant to the exhibit we were looking at (a wartime chapel), but it still seemed a little out of the blue. I was disappointed. So he’s a religion nut, I thought, here’s the reason he’s on Match. I fumbled for words, then decided to go with the truth, “No. No, I don’t go to church.” He shrugged, “Yeah, I only go when I’m at my parents’.” Oh. Umm, ok. Maybe he was trying to see if I was a religion nut?

Then he asked me if I own a gun. “No, I don’t. Do you?” I asked him. “Not anymore. I used to have one, but I get night terrors every now and then – you know, panic attacks where you stop breathing and wake up gasping for air. So I gave my gun away.” “Wait, what? You gave your gun away?” “Well, yeah,” he said. “Umm, this is how guns get into the hands of people without licenses,” I said, practically poking him in the chest with my finger. “Oh, no, this was a coworker of mine who owns guns and is an enthusiast. We documented the transaction like a regular sale.” Oh. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about that, but we changed the subject. Also, who tells their date about their night terrors on the first date? That was a little odd.

His last serious relationship lasted 6 months, which he seemed to think was a long time. We were pretty candid with each other, which was good albeit a little odd. He asked me how long it had been since I’d been in a relationship. I said about 2 years. That’s about how long it had been for him, too, he told me. Then he proceeded to tell me about the dramatic breakup he had with his girlfriend, and how bad it had made him feel. He said they’d been together for a long time, so it was particularly tough on the girl. Then he said that by “a long time” he meant 6 months. Alright.

Most of the time the conversation was good

For the most part, we chatted easily with each other, and were pretty candid. He asked me about the other dates I’d been on, and I told him about the awkwardness of G, J, and M. He, in turn, told me about the girl he’d taken on two dates and then decided she was too clingy. He said when he told her on the second date that he wasn’t interested, she broke down and asked him to explain himself. It seemed like they’d talked on the phone a lot as well as online, and that she’d asked him if she could call him her boyfriend. That is definitely forcing things a little.

There was a good flirtatious vibe between us – we teased each other and joked easily, and he was a little touchy in ways that were cute and sweet and didn’t make me uncomfortable. For instance, his hands were very cold since a lot of the exhibits were outside, and we were just talking about something in the gift shop, when he just put his hands on either side of my face to show how cold they were. It was really cute. At the end of the date, I gave him a hug, and we went our separate ways.

The Verdict

Brusselsprouts passed round 1 with flying colors. He’s sweet, funny, easy to talk to and has his life on track. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. A man after my own heart. Still a couple of questions that need to be answered, but we’re going on date 2 on Tuesday night, so we’ll see!

On a Scale of 1-10

Common Values: 8

Common Interests: 8

Sense of Humor: 8

Attraction: 7

Total: 31/40

Remaining Players

  • Gryffindor
  • Jimmm
  • Milwaukee
  • Brown Trout
  • Sailboat
  • Mr. Ordinary
  • JonnyBoy
  • Cars, Guns, and Horses
  • Brusselsprouts
  • Hapkido
  • PunkRock
  • Canada
  • Mr. Fun & Caring

Another Late Add

Readsalot – He was in the Peace Corps, loves his family, and loves the outdoors. He’s really into philosophy and reads. everything. He’s very tall and is wearing a bandana on his head in his profile picture on Match.

Next Up: Frozen Yogurt with PunkRock


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