Gryffindor loses the cup

Round 1: Gryffindor

The first round was a coffee and pool date with Gryffindor. For some reason, I was very nervous going to this date. Partly because it was the first date I’ve had from Match, secondly because I knew going in that I didn’t have a whole lot in common with this guy. I mean, over IM we talked about retro video games, which I can discuss for a little while, but it only gets me so far. I’m not a super gamer by any stretch of the imagination, and this guy’s Match username was his gamer handle, for chrissake.

I got to the coffee place almost exactly 5 minutes late. I texted G to let him know I was there. “Ok, I’m inside,” he texted back. I walked in to see him already sitting, coffee in hand. I waved and said hello, then walked up to the counter to buy a tea. He awkwardly followed me to the counter and stood slightly behind me without uttering a word. He looked a little red in the face.

“G” is not for Gentlemanly

When I went to grab my wallet out of my purse, I had a momentary panic because I couldn’t find it immediately. I remembered I’d bought something online the day before, and thought I may have left it on my desk. During my panicking, G did nothing to intervene. He didn’t even offer to pay for my $1.75 hot tea. Luckily, I found my wallet and paid.

I followed him over to the table where he’d been sitting earlier, and he made a move to sit, but before he could pull his chair back I said, “Hey, did you want to play some pool? We may as well since we’re here.” He seemed a little taken aback, but agreed. Come on, G, you can’t be worse than I am at pool!

He’s actually not a bad pool player

We headed to the billiards room, where we played three games of pool. G was nice enough to pay for all three games (a grand total of $3), but that was partly because I didn’t have any cash. We found enough things to chat about, but there was zero chemistry (at least on my side). He mentioned his obsession with Harry Potter and claimed that he was “the closest thing to an expert” on Star Wars. He and his friends are in an online guild together, and when he’s not gaming, he’s working at the local grocery store. It wasn’t clear if he’d been to college or not.

The Verdict

I don’t like to judge a man on his education or occupation (which is why I put “no preference” under both options on Match), but G just didn’t seem to have much direction in life. He’s 25 and (I found out later) hasn’t finished his degree yet, is working at a grocery store and still living in the same town he grew up in. We didn’t really seem to be on the same page.

On a scale of 1-10

Common Values: 6

Common Interests: 5

Sense of Humor: 8

Attraction: 3

Total: 22/40

Remaining Players

  • Gryffindor
  • Jimmm
  • Milwaukee
  • Brown Trout
  • Sailboat
  • Mr. Ordinary
  • JonnyBoy
  • Cars, Guns, and Horses
  • Brusselsprouts
  • Hapkido
  • PunkRock
  • Canada

Wildcard Add

Mr. Fun & Caring – He lives in a town 2 hours away, but he’s funny, cute, and skeptical of online dating. He sent me a funny video of a corgi barrel rolling down some stairs. Might be a winner.

Next up: Jimmm, with a Sushi dinner date and *gasp* more pool.


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