Let the games begin

I recently joined Match.com. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Meet the First Round Contenders

Gryffindor – This gamer guy was so enthralled by the Harry Potter books that even though he “only read each one once”, every detail is “etched into [his] mind”.

Jimmm – A marine with a “top secret” job that he can’t tell me about. But he did put several m’s at the end of his name. Must be delicious!

Milwaukee – He’s 31 and ready to get married and have a baby. He works an office job, loves fine wines and might be gay.

Brown Trout – A snarky student with a picture of himself as a 5 year old and a penchant towards film. At least he recognizes a trout when he sees one.

Sailboat – This guy loves boats and things that go fast. He also seems to like fishing hats. Hopefully he’s not hiding a baldspot!

Mr. Ordinary –  He wears glasses and has a dog. He’s a Christian and a Gemini and his favorite things include friendship and great sunsets.

JonnyBoy– He’s a scuba diver with frosted tips and a healthy dose of narcissism. He likes jumping off of high places and diving into deep places.

Cars, Guns and Horses – This Louisiana Farm Boy is in the military, but says he has “an artistic side” and loves playing the blues. He bet me a date he could make me laugh.

Brusselsprouts – This Belgian Nuclear Engineer loves kids, speaks Flemish and seems a little shy.

Hapkido – He put himself through school by teaching Taekwondo and Hapkido. Now he’s a slightly balding zoologist who describes himself as “average looking”.

PunkRock – He’s a 29 year old bartender who loves punk music and singing in the car. He has ADHD, but is seeking a degree in accounting.

Canada – He’s a little formal, but he’s from Canada, eh! He claims not to be “as artsy as” me, but is sure we have a lot of shared interests.


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