This is the end…my only friend, the end

Hola readers. I know, I know it’s been something like 2 weeks since I’ve written. That is largely due to the fact that I just finished up working on one film and started another. I’ve been tres tres busy.

Sorry for the super dramatic title, btw. It’s only a reference to a Doors song…and the fact that I just finished a job. NBD.

Last weekend, I

The wrap party for our film was last weekend (14th-16th). I dragged my feet a little bit before going because I knew awkward hookup guy would be there, but eventually I made it and had a good time. Luckily, he’s a nice guy, and not a creep (unlike some other guys I know…and I have a new one to add to the “cute but creepy” category – more on that in a sec) and so he took my cue and didn’t make things uncomfortable or follow me around all night.

Can’t say the same for this guy. The couple of weeks following our introduction, he became more and more bold, going so far as to sidle up close to me while everyone was intent on what was happening on set and whisper in my ear in a sultry tone, “wanna hang out later?” (I wish this were an exaggeration, but it’s not).

A blind octogenarian would have picked up on my discomfort, but this guy was so blindsided by his own disbelief that anyone could possibly not be into him that he didn’t notice how I practically jumped out of my skin, made some hurried reply and stayed as far from him as possible for the rest of the night.


The following night, he text messaged me, asking if I wanted to go dancing downtown. “Oh, downtown’s not really my scene,” I replied, then made the mistake of telling him I was just hanging with some friends at my favorite bar.

“Ok, well I’ll just stop by then,” he wrote, even though I hadn’t invited him.

Literally three minutes later he found us sitting outside, a beer already in his hand. I was so surprised that I said, “Woah, do you live around the corner or something? That was fast!”

“I live downtown,” he said. Then nodded awkwardly for 30 minutes as my friend M and I carried on with our conversation. He stayed until we left. My friends M&M seemed quite taken with him (probably because he wasn’t trying to hit on them) and insisted that he come to an event I had invited them to. He said he’d definitely be there. Joy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…he’s gay

And here’s the other thing. Most everyone (and by most everyone I mean the two people) I’ve talked to about this guy who knew him said the same thing, “I thought he was gay?”

At my favorite bar, he introduced us to a friend he’d run into there.

“Oh, how do you guys know each other?” I asked.

“Cock-fighting,” the other guy immediately replied, then shared a glance with creepy guy, chuckling.

And here we are

So at the wrap party, he kept coming up behind me and touching my hip, or scratching the small of my back, and then wandering off. Eventually, he tried his “get uncomfortably close and ask me to dinner” approach. I lied and said I had to work, then avoided looking at him until he walked away.

“That guy’s kind of a stalker,” my friend said as Creepy walked off.

Later, I got drunk on Jack and Cokes (normally I’m a beer girl) and played some volleyball (and by played I mean, pranced around the turf proclaiming “I’m terrible at this game when I’m sober!”).

Giggles was there with angry stare guy. She was much more pleasant this time around. Just a little vapid.

You don’t have to go home…

I have a tendency when I go out to feel the need to do something worth staying up so late. I always want to have an adventure. When the bar called last call at 12:30 and then we all left about an hour later, I was not ready to go home. So I got in a car with my friend and awkward hookup guy. Somehow I felt this was not a coincidence. I made sure there were plenty of objects placed between us on the seat. He didn’t seem to notice.

We went to one of the crew’s apartments downtown and lounged on the balcony for a couple of hours smoking cigarettes (I never smoke…literally like a once-a-year kind of thing) talking about who knows what. Eventually, I realized that nothing adventurous was going to happen, so I called a cab and headed downstairs. Awkward hookup guy trailed behind me.

Wait, wait don’t tell me

I jumped in my cab, closed the door and gave him the address. We were off in no time. A minute later, awkward hookup guy texted me, “I thought we were going to share a cab?”

“Whoops!” I wrote back. I can be kinda bitchy when I’m drunk and not interested in you.

“Well, let me know if you want to hang out later,” he wrote. It was past 4 am. I told him I was going to sleep.

A few minutes later, he wrote, “A cab driver just told me, “I hope all your ups and downs be between the sheets.”

I wrote back, “Ha.”


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