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So I’m supposedly hanging out with awkward hug guy again tonight. He texted me earlier to see what I was up to. “No plans as of yet,” I wrote, “what about you?”

He responded with, “trying to play some pool and hang out with you, if you’ve got the time.”

That sounds suspiciously like a date

Last week, I went to a fundraiser for his moped gang at my favorite bar. He invited me the morning of, and I didn’t get the text until an hour before the event started. I leisurely got ready, did a few things, and then mosied over to the bar by myself an hour before it was supposed to end.

I have to admit, I was extremely conflicted about going because A) I didn’t have anyone to bring with me and B) I was still embarrassed about the awkward hug episode.

Ultimately I decided it would be better to go and make things less awkward between us rather than just let that friendship die because of one awkward moment. So I went.

I got there and…

The first person I see is beautiful look-alike drummer boy. I swear, this kid is haunting me or something. But apparently, he’s in the same moped gang as awkward hug guy. And he also looks a lot younger in daylight. Like maybe 20 or 21.

Anyway, I panicked a little bit, scanned the crowd for my friend, didn’t see him, then turned around and pulled out my phone to call him. All of a sudden, he appeared at my shoulder. I waved, and things were a little awkward for a second, but then he introduced me to his friends, who I instantly started chatting with, and all was well.

Awkwardness ensues (what’s new?)

Later, I was standing around chatting with my friend and the three guys he introduced me to, when look-alike drummer boy walks up and starts talking to the guys.

This is what my brain did: “buh… . .  . .   .     .”

I looked down and tried not to blush. It was kind of a difficult feat. I think I did manage to smile at him at one point, but then I looked away quickly. Because holy shit. The kid is beautiful.

Anyway, he eventually wandered off somewhere else, and I stuck around for a little while longer, then said my goodbyes and left. Awkward hug guy said he’d text me later to see what I was up to. I didn’t hear from him until this weekend. And we’re supposedly going to play pool again.

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