So there’s this guy…

So there’s this guy at work (not this guy) who I thought was cute and interesting when I first met him, and we were kind of instantly friendly with each other. Partly because he seems to be a very touchy-feely/flirty kind of guy. In a cute way, not a douche-baggy way.

Funny thing is, I was attracted to him at first, then we ate together at lunch, and it was super awkward. Like first date with someone you have nothing in common with awkward. Normally all I want to do during lunch break is sit and eat and stare into the middle distance (middle-distance staring seems to be my favorite activity lately), but I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t do that. And that frustrated me.

In any case, I found that by the end of the day, I was more just annoyed with this guy than interested anymore. And now I have a problem: I’ve established this flirty relationship with him, and so he keeps acting cute with me at work. Which is especially annoying when I am trying to do my job (ie all the time because I’m at work). But I don’t want to be mean and give him the cold shoulder or make a big deal out of nothing. Ugh, it’s so difficult treading that fine line between friend and boyfriend.

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