more of the angry look

so remember what I said about that angry, frustrated look I keep getting from guys that I wrote about in my last blog? Yeah, well, now I’m getting that look from one specific guy at work. But I don’t get it. Majorly don’t get it.

and you say he’s just a friend

This particular guy has been very nice to me from day one. Not creepy at all, just friendly in a friend way. I thought he was cute, but I wasn’t overly attracted to him. Suddenly, on Tuesday, he started acting strangely toward me – he seemed angry with me for some reason. Which is bizarre because I don’t interact directly with this guy very often. In fact, I’d barely interacted with him at all that day.

But I noticed around lunchtime, when we both happened to be waiting in the same spot for a couple minutes, he seemed reluctant to talk to me. I tried to make conversation like we normally would when we found ourselves together, but he answered me coldly and then turned away. At the time I was a little taken aback – completely surprised by his attitude change. Then later I thought that perhaps he was just preoccupied with something else, and I shrugged it off.

But his behavior to me was consistent throughout that day and the following day – avoiding eye contact and unnecessary interactions, not making small talk like we had before, just being generally cold to me. To be fair, he could have just been preoccupied with something else going on in his life, and it’s not like I’ve monitored his behavior with people other than me, but it does almost seem like he’s angry with me.

I think too much

I’ve thought about some things that could have affected his opinion of me, and all of them sound pretty unlikely.

1) I did have a fight with my boss within sight/earshot of him. I was trying to stick up for a girl that my boss had made cry, but it’s entirely possible that I came off as an ingrate. I did eventually back down and apologize.

2) I made an off-color joke at lunch that fell flat. This happens to me more often than I’d like it to; if friends judged me harshly for this sort of thing, I’d have no friends left.

It’s also possible that he is somehow suddenly embarrassed around me. Maybe he has a crush on me? But that doesn’t make much sense either because we’ve worked together for over a month now, so why would it be a sudden change like that? I mean, the only thing to support that hypothesis is that I was working on set all day, and I received a lot of compliments about my work on both days.

the D’Arcy complex

The funny thing is, now that he has become a perplexing individual to me, I find him much more attractive. By ignoring me, he’s making me crave his attention even though I didn’t really give him a second glance before. Sigh. Now what?


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